Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Perimeter is a video analytics software based on Deep Learning that detects intruders and vehicles in restricted areas and generates intrusion alerts.

Maximum Accuracy

The combination of our Deep Learning technology, along with traditional
video-analysis processes, allows the detection and verification of real-time intrusions and minimises false alarms rates.

A resistant and accurate system that also works in unfavourable circumstances like poor lighting, contrast problems, forest density, or harsh weather conditions.

Powered by Cibinar

Our processing algorithms allow to optimize the hardware’s efficiency, which means less investments on processing devices and a system with minimum detection time: the on-premises version can process up to 32 video streams.

The system works with the same features in both of its versions: on-premises (processing on a device within the same network) and in the cloud (running from external servers).

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Simple configuration for full protection. Use the system’s route to connect the cameras and configure the areas of interest by drawing them on top of the image —as a new layer— and activate the arming of the system or fix the time rules for each channel. You can access the alarm history record by using the software’s filters.

High Compatibility

Turn your CCTV cameras into an intelligent video analysis system with no need to invest on new recording equipment. Supported by any ONVIF protocol camera, it processes video streams from most manufacturers. The fact that it is integrated with the leading management companies allows direct connection with most Central Monitoring Stations (CMS).


With our App, you will be able to link your tablet or mobile devices to the system and, thus, receive real-time alerts. Through a relay connection, the system can be connected to light, sound, or moving deterrents.


  • Critical infrastructures
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Border zones
  • Residential buildings


  • Provided with DVR recording functions
  • Supports channels preview
  • Loitering parameters and alarms delay can be reset
  • Programmed with anti-tamper functions

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