Artificial Intelligence

Business Analytics

Business intelligence tool designed for the retail sector and based on Artificial Intelligence which provides a real and descriptive picture of your business. We use the data withdrawn from images and combine it with some public and available data from your company in order to create models that facilitate and speed-up the understanding, predicting and decision-making processes.

We generate heat maps with which to analyse customer behaviour. We provide statistical and visual reports of dwell times by areas to validate product positioning and window dressing strategies.

We classify users into gender and age categories, allowing segmentation and selecting of the strategies to be applied for the growth and sustainability of your company.

We keep track of the customers’ path to corroborate the visibility of shared or own retail spaces and, thus, analyse the potential of each space by studying the previous path tracking analysis.

We carry out a statistical counting of customers at entrances of commercial spaces, by linear distribution or indoors zoning. We transform the data into statistics and reports to optimize resources.

We develop predictive models with the aim of being able to plan stock or resources necessities. We use Artificial Intelligence to simulate system’s modifications previous to decision-making.

We offer assessment for the model understanding process. Cibinar analyses the ideal techniques, relevant indicators, and information processing possibilities to present results specifically designed to meet your business’ needs and expectations.

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