Website Audit

We analyse the cybersecurity levels of your website services and its systems by using the same tools and methods as cybercriminals so we can identify security breaches.

Cibinar analyses how safe and secure your web services and its systems are, with the aim of identifying the vulnerabilities that can pose a risk. We study the security of CMS, servers, networks, websites, and apps using the same methods and tools as cybercriminals do. Thus, we can identify security breaches and work to fix them and reduce the threat.

Once we have the results of the security audit, we will guide you in what actions to take next to secure your systems. If you wish, we can do it for you.

Furthermore, we provide managed security services that offer 24/7 protection of your website and apps.

We cannot ignore the fact that every online service or information is sensitive and could be attacked by cybercriminals. Web services are the most vulnerable, since they are the most accessible ones. Some of the most common attacks are the stealing of confidential information of our clients and DoS of the website (Denial of Service). Thus, the attacking of a website service not only provokes loss of money, but also poses legal circumstances and high reputational damage that could ruin your company’s good name.

In Cibinar, we guarantee the safety of our clients by using the best website audit and consultancy methods.

*Taxes are not included. This price includes one web domain per company.

Do you need to test your infrastructure?

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