Artificial Intelligence

Video Analytics

We design elements and people detection and classification systems that generate and store descriptive metadata of the on-scene elements with the aim of processing such information and improve process automation and decision-making.

Video cameras generate great volume of visual information that cannot be processed by a human team. Artificial Intelligence systems for image understanding allow the detection and processing of the on-scene information generating a new input of data to work with.

This new data source entails information on the on-scene elements, detection chronology, object positioning systems (GIS), and their movements and paths (tracking).

Thanks to the obtained data, we are capable of improving existing predictive models and creating new ones out of the collected information with the purpose of automatizing processes, making predictions, and facilitating business decision-making processes.

We use Deep Learning technology to train algorithms in order to detect new categories according to the necessities of our clients. This allows us to adapt our technology for every company and productive process.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence developments poses a great competitive advantage for your business and also generates savings, improves efficiency, and lowers the processing error rate.

Our technology can be used in:

  • Industrial Processes: error detection and quality and production control.
  • Retail: we generate a descriptive model for monitoring customers’ behaviour and optimizing commercial spaces.
  • Video Surveillance: intrusions detection within restricted areas and generation of alarms.
  • IT Consultancy: development of customized projects in which Artificial Vision allows the optimization of repetitive processes.

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