Artificial Intelligence

Facial Recognition

Our team develops facial recognition systems that, using biometric data, identify or verify a user’s identity comparing it to previously gathered data.

Our technology allows the automation of administrative processes —such as keeping a record of employees’ working hours and time clocks— and carries out automated access control, which improves efficiency and generates savings. The possibility of linking our system to mechanical access devices (turnstiles or similar) allows to divide areas and implement access controls depending on the employee’s role within the company.

We use identification technology with anti-spoofing systems that do not need external identification elements as RFID cards or access codes.

Our access control systems are oriented to resources optimization, which improves business efficiency and generates savings by optimizing human resources that, without our system, would be dedicated to administrative processes.

Our search engine compares detected faces —in images, frames, or video streams— with databases of millions of users within a short time. This results in an ideal service for police forces, airports, or borders security.

All of the facial recognition applications of our systems have been designed in accordance with the current recommendations and regulations. Furthermore, as a cybersecurity specialized company, we deploy the necessary technical and organizational measures to mitigate and reduce potential risks.

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