Artificial Intelligence

Facial recognition access control on construction sites

Identity is a core based on Artificial Intelligence facial recognition capable of working with databases of more than 1 million users with real-time identification. This allows automated and unmanned access control to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Identity system, built around this core, consists of a scalable database server and processing system, web service, desktop application and other scalable services such as hardware actuators, Rest Api or linking with other Machine Learning modules.

The system can be integrated with the main CASE management platforms, this makes it an extremely efficient tool in any business environment.

There are different extensions to this facial recognition system, such as the connection with temperature control systems or detection modules.

These modules are trained to identify objects and check whether the operator is wearing the relevant safety systems such as a face mask, helmet or reflective waistcoat.

As it is a self-developed product, the maintenance, updates, implementations and services offered are totally adaptable to the needs of our clients, so it is a system in constant evolution.

Identity System

Benefits and applications

Access control

Facial recognition

Contactless system

High security against spoofing

Integrable with mechanical elements

Inteligencia Artificial - icono

Time and attendance control

Automates timesheets

Exportable according to desired filters

Customised reports

Control over external personnel

Documental control

Integrable with CASE management platforms

Documentation verification

No staff needed

Irregularities are notified


PPEs intelligent detection

Temperature control

Non-permitted accesses are denied

Regulatory compliance

Construction sites

Identity system advantages

Control of working hours

Automated time and attendance control for own employees, exportable through temporary filters or by employees.

Control of external workers

Forensic visual documentation of accesses and timetables for the control of external workers.

Verification of the documentation status

Real-time control of the documentation status for external personnel thanks to its integration with CASE management platforms.

PPE detection

Detection of workers' PPE at access points and photographic record of its correct use at the entrance to the facilities.

Customised reports

Reports on access to facilities with search filters by time, workers, departments or contractors.

Can be integrated with mechanical access controls

Relay output for connection to mechanical access control devices such as turnstiles or sliding doors.

Presence control

Access in real time, via web, to the list of people who are in the facilities.

Temperature control

Possibility of adding temperature control with medical precision sensor.

Different necessities

Identity system solutions

Smart Center

Identity Smart Center is an intelligent access control ecosystem specially designed for construction or industrial environments.

Smart Center is an integral solution that includes the booth itself and the necessary equipment to perform access and workers' PPE control.

Identity Point

This access control and presence control device by means of facial recognition, is easy to install and is designed for a much more polyvalent use. It can be integrated with MRZ, QR and fingerprint reader.

Kit Identity

If you have a fixed or modular structure and you wish to have our access control solutions, we offer you a kit with all the functionalities of our fully configurable system. Users will be able to set: number of inputs, control cameras, number of output monitors, number of relay type electrical outputs and extensions and required functionalities.

Software Identity

If you have the necessary elements to equip your accesses and you wish to use our software, we offer you the possibility of purchasing it on a pay per use basis for your construction site or industrial environment.

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