Audits and Assessment

Companies must fulfil a series of procedures that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data. Having backup copies, updating their software, and protecting sensitive information are just a few options: but it is not enough.

Evaluating the current cybersecurity state of your company is an essential step. In order to do so, you will need to get assessment and consultancy services that analyse your data exposure, and the apps and infrastructure vulnerabilities that may pose a risk and jeopardise your company before cybercriminals get the chance to attack. These audits are carried out with a wide variety of techniques and evaluation processes that help identify, evaluate, exploit, and mitigate risks.

Once the audit is finished, our experts will provide you with the policies to follow and with a security plan that details the procedures and tools that your company could use for ensuring day-to-day cybersecurity.

Website Audit

We analyse the cybersecurity levels of your website services and its systems by using the same tools and methods that cybercriminals do so we can identify security breaches.

Open-Source Intelligence

We analyse the online data exposure of your company and identify all sensitive information that may jeopardise your business or pose a breach of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We can tell you what cybercriminals know about your company.

Network Security Audit

We analyse your network infrastructure and gather data with the aim of evaluating the security levels of your company and the improvements that are to be processed technically and procedurally.

Red Team

Our team tests and upgrades the resilience and effectivity of the main production systems of your company to make it capable of facing sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks. We simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cybercriminals with the purpose of evaluating protection, detection and responding capacities in a more realistic way and, thus, creating intelligence that allows to improve the security of your company and ensure your business activity.

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