Computer forensic

The computer forensic service involves a detailed investigation of digital evidence without altering it. The computer expertise service stands out for the high precision of the analysis of the digital information and investigation carried out by our experts in order to face possible lawsuits.

For the investigation process, we have a team of computer experts specialised in this type of service. Our team of experts collects all the information, evidence and activities of the computer system and then compiles them into an official report that serves as evidence in legal proceedings.

The methodology used in the computer expertise is as follows:

- Identification of proof and evidence.

- Investigation and analysis.

- Official report.

- Defence (if necessary).

Computer expertise involves investigation processes using different techniques and tools. Our team, made up of certified experts, provides services such as:

- Cybercrime expertise.

- Device expertise.

- Computer counter-expertise.

- Ratification of the report at the hearing.

Computer expertise is applied to studies on devices of the following specialities:

1. WhatsApp messages.

2. Digital audio recordings.

3. Postings on social networks.

4. Hard and analogue disks.

5. Digital photographs.

6. Computer systems.

7. Electronic mail.

8. Digital video.

9. Evidence gathering.

10. Appraisals and economic valuations.

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