Our mission is to protect your business, your name, and your people.


in our DNA

Nowadays, Spanish companies receive 436 cyberattacks a week, being small and medium enterprises the main target. However, most entities still do not have a clear strategy on how to face this situation —or simply do not know where to start.

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Audits and Assessment

Our experts will find the vulnerabilities that may present a risk and jeopardise your company.

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Managed Cybersecurity

We make sure that your company has a safe cyber-environment at a good price.

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Incident Response

Our forensic experts will lead a deep investigation to detect the offender and the consequences.

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Training and Awareness

A well trained and aware human team provides a useful shield against cybercriminals.

Save your money. Save your worries. Invest in peace of mind.


Our new cybersecurity pack especially designed for Small and Medium Enterprises.