Training and Awareness

Over 90% of cybersecurity incidents have succeed due to human intervention.

Cibinar trains your staff on basic knowledge and techniques in terms of cybersecurity —Phishing, safe passwords policy, private browsing…— and displays the risks your business is exposed to, showing what would happen if your company were to suffer a security incident, such as a ransomware attack or a leak of information.

Combine these courses with our Social Engineering campaigns to become aware of the sensibility, awareness, and training of your human team.

Advantages that make our courses unique

Didactic and entertaining

With several case studies so the user learns how to detect potential threats at a glance.


Our courses can be adapted to the characteristics and necessities of each company or department within an organisation.


We also provide specific training for directors, managers, and system technicians.


Risks and threats for companies

Raising awareness of the risks to which we are exposed is a priority for us.

We collaborate in awareness-raising work with educational centres, public administrations and private entities, with the aim of providing people with the necessary tools to protect themselves, against the risks associated with the globalised scenario of digitalisation in which we live.

We feel obliged to promote free access to information on how cybercriminals act and how we should protect ourselves against their attacks.

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