Artificial Intelligence

Access Control for Working Environments

Complete solution for access control developed to solve the distinctive necessities of working places and to comply with current regulations.

Our facial recognition system helps identifying and registering employees and their clocking in and out times —time clock—. Access to a real-time list of the employees that are within your premises at one exact moment.

The Spanish Workers’ Statute obliges companies to register working hours and be provided with a time clock at least for full-time employees. Not having this registry might mean a fine of up to €6,250.

It provides a fully automated process that exports time clock registries of all employees in compliance with the mandatory registration stated in the Workers’ Statute.

Section 20.3 of the workers’ statute states that the employer might adopt the surveillance and control measures estimated appropriate in order to verify proper compliance of the working rights and obligations from the perspective of an employee. Under no circumstances will these images be used for any purpose other than working hours registration.

Download the time clock history of an employee or group of employees in order to optimize resources. Keep all documentation updated and available for potential labour inspections.

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